Are You The Head Of The Organizing Committee For The Company Party?

Once in a while, apart from the daily office chores, you will be burdened with organizing an office party. Don’t think of it as a burden; just consider it as another opportunity to learn something new.

What to do first?

Call up your buddies in the organizing committee. If there is not one, form one! You cannot organize a party by yourself. Once everyone is there, assign a task to each person. Tell them they can make use of anyone else they think are able to help in that department. For example, a food critique in your workplace may know of a good office catering Sydney service. Someone who is into DIY stuff might have an idea of cheap but class looking décor. Remember this is a group effort. No one person can take the responsibility of everything, but as the head of the committee you will have to make sure everything is in place.

Pick a theme

Easiest way to go with a workplace celebration is to pick a theme. If it is an easy one, it will be a consolation for the employees also, because people seldom have time to shop for eccentric costumes unless it is Halloween or something. If the party is a Christmas bash, then of course, the theme is already set. But try to move away from the everyday stuff when you design a secret Santa programme or decorating the office. Again, unlike at home, it won’t be easy to bring in trees and use walls to hang nails etc. If you are setting a dress code, be very clear and concise. As said before, don’t go for ridiculously hard to find ones, people don’t have time to be making costumes at home these days either.

Food and drinks

One thing that has to be very carefully planned and ordered is food and drinks. If you are serving hard liquor, make sure there is not an amount to have everyone present be really drunk. After all, some parties have clients and suppliers invited too and it is not nice to lose face in front of them. Food has to be very good; not cold, not stale nor weird. If you are using a private catering company, have a person appointed to look in to the matters thereof. Do they need cold storage? What sort of an electricity supply they need? Are they bringing tables to keep the food? How about cutlery? Do they have serving staff? Look in to all these before you decide to go ahead with a certain provider. Organising the office party may make you the star of the company or the laughingstock. The decision is yours to make!